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Shoji Screen

The window behind the bar in my house was in need of framing. Since I have this Asian theme going on I decided to make a shoji screen. Shoji is the Japanese word for paper. Basically, paper screen. The paper comes in many thicknesses and transparencies.Traditionally, the Japanese replace the paper yearly. The traditional rice paper is attached with rice glue. There are newer papers that are made out of vinyl and acrylic that attach with two sided sticky tape. I chose a type of paper that would be good for inside use and would not be exposed to the elements. I found several of the samples I was sent would be suitable for outside use.

To be honest, I use power tools and not the traditional Japanese hand tools. I found using 3/8ths stock is the smallest I can use and still have control. I use a stacked cutter on my table saw to make the notches and I use five minute epoxy to glue them together. The resulting window framing is a balanced look for the bar and more finished look for the room.

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  • Jim Bartz

    Hello Mr. Newton, my name is Jim Bartz from Kalamazoo, MI. I have been a woodworker for about 45 years (I’m 64). I have a very large supply of wood but am always looking for more…right now I am seeking some claro walnut though do not have ready access in Michigan. I need a reliable contact for claro…..and other woods.

    I find our work is similar in many ways. The main exception is your apparent full time dedication and your harvesting and millwork. Please let me know if you have claro walnut available for purchase and also other varieties.

    Kind Regards, Jim Bartz
    269 2-8-7114

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