Burl and Walnut Desk 1024 576 Keith Newton

Burl and Walnut Desk

Redriver Eucalyptus Burl and Black Walnut. I harvested that burl from where cal trans had plans to put a onramp. It took 11 hours and $1000 to dig it up once I got the ok from the officials 22 years ago. read more
Brian’s Table 150 150 Keith Newton

Brian’s Table

One of my clients, many years ago, was at the beach with his wife. While looking at the tide, as it went out, he noticed a stump in the surf. read more
Wine/Fruit Press 150 150 Keith Newton

Wine/Fruit Press

I was wanting to make something different. I was wanting to make something practical. I had just purchased apple and cherry bare root trees. read more
Kitchen Remodel 150 150 Keith Newton

Kitchen Remodel

I remodeled my kitchen when my dishwasher broke. It was the last straw in a series of events that caused the refurbishing of my home. Last year my septic tank backed up which caused water damage to my bathroom and hallway. read more
Shoji Screen 150 150 Keith Newton

Shoji Screen

The window behind the bar in my house was in need of framing. Since I have this Asian theme going on I decided to make a shoji screen. Shoji is the Japanese word for paper. read more
Tori Gate 150 150 Keith Newton

Tori Gate

I have lived on my two and a half acre lot for 25 years. It was a pasture that had nothing on it. It has taken a very long time to develop this place and I am just now starting to put my own touches around; to give this place my own flair. read more
Art Deco Credenza 150 150 Keith Newton

Art Deco Credenza

One of my earlier pieces (I did it about 15 years ago) was this credenza. I saw a picture of one similar in a magazine. I knew I wanted to try to make a piece of my own from the stock I had been selling to customers. read more
Violin Blog 150 150 Keith Newton

Violin Blog

It was the mid 1990’s and I was still beekeeping for a living. I had a bit of free time in the off season and I had a large shop and a little spare room. I had done other woodworking projects, bird carving, furniture projects, etc but I had never attempted an instrument. read more
Buckeye Custom Neck-Through Guitar 150 150 Keith Newton

Buckeye Custom Neck-Through Guitar

This is the first guitar I have ever made. I am lucky to start out with the most beautiful woods. I chose claro black walnut for the back and buckeye for the front. read more
What I’m Going To Build Next and Other Things…. 512 512 Keith Newton

What I’m Going To Build Next and Other Things….

Good morning. Today I would like to talk about what I’m going to build next. I have been watching Kill Bill 2 and I see a bar that Hattori Hanzo ¬†built and I am contemplating using that type of construction in scale that could seat five or six people. read more